From September 15 to October 24, 2020

Pierre Ribà

So much simplicity and complexity intertwined. Enigmatic shapes, strange figures, that intrigue, question, and also charm. Perhaps memories of ancestral objects.
A totem here. A mask there.
And always, this restraint, this fluidity
“His sculptures are so close to us that once we have seen them, it seems like we have always known them, as if they were old friends coming back, memories or doves, familiar melodious songs, as harmony erects them in front of us, humble and human, ” Georges Chich notes. And it is undeniable, these works made up of carefully aggregated pieces of cardboard have the strange power to immediately impose, like a plastic evidence, some kind of physical law, a haunting chorus that is stuck in your head all day.
“He gives through the filter of creation a new power to an object that was initially seen as ordinary. He provides a sacred function that fits into a new temple, in a ritual wanted by the ancient world, that some would now call design
Gregory Tuban notes. Irresistible charm of this sculpture at once completely from our time and from a time that anyone under a thousand years old cannot know …
Pierre Ribà is a magician who seeks the essential using the superfluous,
and who turns cardboard into gold. Sign of the different times,

his simple, almost supernatural sculpture, with

enchanting names (Cabeza, Black Idol, Night Leaf or Origami) invents parallel worlds that open the imagination to limitless opportunities. They tell of the paths followed, the hidden paths … there is nothing to add … NOTHING …

On Arte, the show Art & la Manière “27 minutes dedicated to Pierre Ribà directed by Stéphane Sende

Away from fashions and current events, the works of Pierre Ribà stand out as what could be the last vestiges of an unknown civilization.