Before going backstage and promoting artists through the gallery that bears his name, Gilles Naudin was on stage.

. Writer-composer for a while, he toured in France and abroad with his musicians, recorded three albums with RÇA (“Courir”, “Machine to describe” and “Les Voyages de dedans”) as well as several “single” Then he goes to EMI, records two “single” “Weekend Palace” and another track with music from Ennio Morricone, recorded but never released in record stores (a Collector certainly) So stop or else it will be stop

In 1995, Gilles Naudin created the GNG gallery and made the choice to promote only contemporary artists of different nationalities, coming from different cultural and aesthetic horizons, and representing current aesthetics.

The gallery’s trend is towards particular figuration, but remains open to abstraction, sculpture and photography

The gallery publishes the catalogs of Guy Ferrer, Bertrand Beaussillon,

Pierre Ribà, Catherine Seher, Roland Devolder, Ayako David-Kawauchi, Marion Tivital, Bernard Langenstein, Guillaume Couffignal, Nurcan Giz, Yannis Markantonakis, and produces the D V D of Roland Devolder and Pierre Ribà

And finally…

In order to reach more and more audiences, the gallery participates in various contemporary art fairs in France (“St’Art” Strasbourg, “Art Paris, Art Elysées, Salon du dessin contemporain” Paris, “Art Up” Lille) and at the ‘foreigner (“Art Karlsruhe” (Germany), “Art Gent”, Ghent, “Art on Paper” Brussels (Belgium) Contemporary Istanbul (Turkey)


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