Last major exhibition before the summer break

From June 23 to August 1

Born in Paris
Diploma of Fine Arts of Paris

Catherine Séher’s paintings mobilize strong emotions, singular or chaotic in the viewer, with characters evanescently inscribing themselves in a landscape where boundaries and landmarks disappear.The anonymous silhouettes deliver us the vision of a dismantled world but provider of meaning. We are introduced into a universe of suggested thoughts. . The viewer is thus questioned and then concerned by these images evoking spontaneous, almost magical expressions. We find there the strength of the first gestures, the most intimate forms

Catherine Séher’s gaze is daring, it concedes nothing – that is to say, it does not leave us alone, not asleep in a false sweetness – the artist transfers a story whose intensity does not allow us to steal from us.
We are in a disturbing face to face. Strange characters hail us, while their eyes, already, guide us to what must happen.
Each time, a thread is to be grasped, a thin fluorized ray of light that winds, coils, highlights. Breadcrumb trail, tenuous, determined.
Let us not count the time taken to browse through Catherine Séher’s paintings, because the beings she captures in their twinges, their worries, their desires signal a total responsibility for what they display. They thus make us accomplices of always intense emotions, sometimes unrecognized or shrouded in this elusive mystery of the other.
An infinite delicacy of creation thus revealed captures us, our body defending.