From October 27 to December 5, 2020

Born in 1956 in Barcelona, ​​where she lives, Carme Albaiges is a painter, sculptor, photographer.

Sharp and refined, rational
and passionate, this artist has the affirmed will, at the option of an abundant work, to characterize the experience
human and autopsy feelings:
“I try to reflect feelings, passions, concerns, doubt, lack of congruence … My paintings want to express incomprehension in front of a strange, gigantic universe, in which the individual is immersed and which is not always him understandable. For me, the world is absurd, I try to give shape to this feeling in my work. “

The artist works in acrylics and oils, and also uses resin, which gives the
paintings a weathered appearance.
In this dossier which explores the question of the relationship with the other, his paintings in colors
vivid, sharp, show faceless characters with blurred eyes, in situations or interactions very
daily. Their attitudes reveal their feelings, their discomfort, their quest, their
activity also:

I want to translate the essence of
expression, that it passes through the body

the gaze or movement. ” These characters
express the dramatic tension of life but also its burlesque side, filled with feverish agitation. How to meet the other in a codified universe, each of which is as a prisoner? His paintings question, jostle and are endearing.
Carme Albaiges admits no concessions and wants to convey a critical message and permanent, alert cry on the human condition.

Carme Albaigès