Yves Bage Liège 1947

Drawings of a burning density, collected on themselves like so many incidental, striking images of our convoluted lives. Great oils also with intrigue, rarely anonymous, which they develop well beyond the two dimensions attributed to the painting. There is a sense of it, whatever the subject – street bustling with boxes, parachutist returning to earth, man and child on the way out, departure of the worker in the early morning …, consciousness perpetually awakened by uncertain moments, worries unanswered, subjugated desires, latent tensions.

Like his works, Yves Bage is fiery and calm, violent and calm, exuberant and discreet, passionate and worried, daring and restrained … He likes contrasts and cultivates contradictions. If he gladly takes refuge in solitude, his paintings are always inhabited: men, women, children are confronted with the absurdities and anxieties of our civilization, their dreams of escape or glory. But his heroes, often against the violence of order, are always treated with tenderness and understanding. .. The artist encloses them in an open space where they are animated by large motionless gestures.

Symbolic and realistic, his painting takes us into a parallel universe where everyday life mingles with the marvelous. Françoise Noël