Roland Devolder

Born in 1938 in Ostend

Studies at the Ghent Academy
Works in the collection of the King and Queen of Belgium
Ostend Museum
Cabinet of prints, Brussels
Calcography of the Royal Library Brussels

Brussels, Düsseldorf, Ghent, Bruges, Osaka, Liège,
Toulouse, The Hague, Stockholm, Nîmes, Philadelphia, Strasbourg … Retrospective 1970-2000 Musée d’Ostende 2001 National Museum of Natural History Paris 2003, Pulsart Le Mans 2007 …
Acquisition of a painting by the City of Le Mans
A film by Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe “about drawings and some paintings 2007

Roland Devolder perpetuates by renewing the tradition of derision and madness in minor which has for centuries been a constant source of inspiration in Flemish painting


Born in Ostend, Roland Devolder breathed the same air as Ensor, as Spilliaert, and one often thinks that he will also be counted among the great inspired of the fantastic city. An implacable but nonetheless compassionate observer of the human being, he immediately perceives their faults, does not hesitate to underline them, envelops them in a kind of indulgent and fraternal complicity, very discreetly risks himself at a touch of humor, but constantly fears disrespecting those whose awkwardness, timidity and perhaps even bad intentions he wants to respect. All these good children, these reserved lovers, these solitary walkers are not as harmless as one might think. This great designer reinforces the hallucinatory character of his painted works by means of a graphic design that delves deep into the body and soul.