Anouk Grinberg Uccle Belgique

“There are crumpled, hidden, fucked-up mouths, sewn mouths, that we sewed, as a courtesy and then it’s not worth it. There are closed eyes, to calm down. There is fear, we sometimes think we are going to die of it, but no, everything moves and is metamorphosed, it is miraculous that we are alive (…)
But when I draw, there is no longer a difference between sadness and happiness, between the fragile and the strong. There are just presences (…) At the beginning it is often fast, like a waterfall or a thunder. Sensations, memories which descend into my fingers, come out through my eyes, choose chalks, gestures, leaves. Rather, it is the guys who are made, and I who accompany. I had better go very fast, because they are often in a hurry to get out, to be done with what occupies them. These black people – big family – have a hell of a lot of music inside … “
Anouk Grinberg